“5 Ways to Massive Profit in 2013”

Posted On Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 by Cheryl Riina

Join Ellie Marshall, of ActionCOACH, for a presentation and interactive discussion on mulitiplying your business profits on Wednesday, March 20th from 6-8pm in the Meeting Room of the Katonah Library (5:30pm Refreshments will be served)

There are truly only five ways to multiply your business profits, but most business owners focus on the wrong things.
You’ll learn the five “secrets” every successful business should focus on improving including:

1. How to take immediate control of your cash flow and profits

2. How to multiply your number of customers, your revenues, and your profits

3. How to retain customers for 2x or 3x as long as you do today

4. How to avoid the top 4 common mistakes in advertising

5. How to turn marketing and advertising into investment, rather than an expense

We’ll discuss how to work ON your business instead of just IN your business!

This seminar is designed for BUSINESS OWNERS and LEADERS who are open to learning simple, new ways to run their business, are passionate about improving their business and want to earn MORE PROFIT in 2013.   


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