Dwight Brooks Horticulturist

With expert care, I can provide the following services to enhance your outdoor living spaces:

Dwight BrooksLandscape Planting
We find and plant a quality selection of plants that give a unity and cohesiveness to your home and the outdoor living spaces. Special attention is given to planting with care to give plants the soil and conditions they deserve to flourish. For your benefit, our complete planting service includes trees to ground covers that create a complete landscape of beauty. Our customer service gives long-term results and satisfaction.

Artistic Organic Tree Care
Pruning – Artistic pruning revealing the beauty of your trees. The Roots of It! Tree health is a result of a good soil and good roots. The tree roots absorb nutrients and water. Without good soil to grow good roots, a tree’s potential is limited. May we care for your trees?

Great Lawns – for children to play – safe and green!
We grow grass with organic and natural materials and methods. We first evaluate your lawn and test the soil to find its needs and develop a plan to fit your lawn. Grass seed, compost, liquid compost, minerals and organic fertilizers to give a healthy soil and lawn are the heart of our lawn care.

Service Provider: Landscaping