Frank A. Casucci III, LMT

I work with athletes, professional, International competitors, NCAA and high school athletes to weekend athletes. My specialty is sports medicine, rehabilitation, injury prevention and total body performance. I can assist with chronic pain patterns and restricted movement patterns to increase overall body health and function.

My goal is to identify and unwind chronic pain patterns. My technique is a mix of many different styles  Рincluding orthopedic massage, craniosacral therapy, cupping and cold laser treatments Рthat make my sessions unique. By identifying and fixing your body and its imbalances, we can return you to normal activity levels.

Frank A. Cassucci III
525 Bedford Center Road, Bedford Hills, NY
Monday - Wednesday: 7 am to 7 pm
Thursday - Friday: 7 am to 12 pm
Alternative Health/Healing, Fitness, Health, Physical Therapy