Katonah Village Improvement Society

KVIS LogoThe Katonah Village Improvement Society was established to preserve the unique community and history of Katonah and to encourage the growth and development of the hamlet and the enjoyment of its residents and visitors. KVIS has been active since 1878.

KVIS is involved with beautifying the town and has built benches, the community event board and the town pavilion. They published a comprehensive history of the town Katonah: The History of a New York Village and its People (McNaughton & Gunn, Inc., 1996) as well as the Katonah Village Walking Tour. KVIS organizes annual events including a Wine Tasting, Spring Cleanup, Plant Sale, Town Forum, and Halloween Festivities on the Bedford Road Boulevards.

KVIS Executive Committee meetings are held at the Library the fourth Monday of each month, except for a summer recess; with the annual meeting of all members in January.

Eve Hundt - President
P.O. Box 263, Katonah, NY
Community Organization