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Sewer Project Meeting – Jan 25

Sewer-MeetingThursday’s well-attended meeting at the Katonah Village Library concerning the Bedford Hills-Katonah Sewer Project affecting the downtown Katonah commercial district was very informative. Many thanks to Supervisor Chris Burdick and engineering firm Woodard & Curran’s Sr VP Anthony Catalano for the succinct presentation. And a big thank you to the multitude of insightful questions and concerns from our audience.

The meeting was a concerted effort to be transparent in the sewer planning stages and to have a candid conversation regarding the upcoming construction phase. The presentors gave a detailed overview that covered topics such as coordination, noise, and traffic issues. They also touched on seasonal impacts such as construction timeline, winter work, and the Hamlet constraints.

The next steps will be continued designing and permitting, property coordination, building and construction, and completing the lateral connections.

Please stay tuned as the Chamber will continue to host meetings throughout the construction phase to keep those affected in the loop.

Communication with Community is key; all parties appreciate the ongoing dialogue and the access to information.

For more information about the project, please check out the Town of Bedford website.