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Government Relations

Katonah/Bedford Hills Sewer Project 

Stay up to date with the Sewer Construction Project here:

The Katonah Chamber of Commerce is in close contact with the town and the contractors working on the sewer installation project.  We will provide detailed updates as they become available to us.

Katonah Chamber of Commerce Update - a/o 2/13/2020

Property owners representing the Katonah Chamber of Commerce attended a meeting on 2/13/2020 hosted by Chris Burdick, Town Supervisor, to provide updates on the impending sewer project.

A contractor has been awarded the contract to construct the new system:  Brennan Construction of Brewster, NY.

Work is scheduled to commence on Monday, March 23, 2020 (Weather permitting).  Work is generally scheduled for evenings. 5p-12 midnight.  Subject to adjustment. 

Work will begin in the vicinity of Valley Road. and will work uphill toward the Elementary School.  

Work will come to Downtown Katonah late spring early summer 2020.  Work will move south to north starting near the Shopping plaza at the south end of town.  2-3 month period for Katonah Downtown work.  No work will occur in Katonah Downtown during November and December of 2020.

Work will come to Bedford Hills late 2020-2021.

Plan is to have individual buildings connect to the system during last half of 2021.

Daily working zones will generally be 100-150 feet long x 5 feet wide. One lane.  Equipment will be staged in commuter parking lots.

Delays and unforeseen issues will occur. 

For more info: 

March 3, 2020 Town Board Meeting will have a information session and presentation re: the sewer project.

Supervisor Burdick explained that buildings can’t be assessed at a higher rate because of these improvements.

Each property is listed on town website.  Charges for sewer use are indicated there.


You can help!

Every day there is too little customer parking available in the 2 hour parking area of the Business District  … especially on Katonah avenue central block and north, Edgemont road, Parkway and Valley Road.

We need convenient customer parking in order to sustain and grow our businesses … let alone compete with the ever-increasing and convenient  internet options available to our existing and potential customers.

We can resolve the problem easily …  if everyone working in the business district parks outside the 2 hour area.

The best solution:  parking permits in commuter lots.  There is plenty of space in Lot 2, for instance (the lot on the south block of Katonah Ave.).  Discounted Permits for business owners and employees can be bought at any time of the year.  Go to and visit the parking portal.

A few businesses have on-site parking.  Many who don’t already have commuter lot permits. Do you?  Do your business neighbors?

Let’s work together to make more parking available for our growing customer base. 


Do you have additional ideas?  

Want to talk about parking solutions?  

Need assistance with getting permits?  

… Contact me … I head up the parking initiatives of your Chamber Govt. Relations Committee:

Bart Tyler, 26-32 Parkway LLC 914-906-4582

Katonah Chamber of Commerce
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